Where I Have Been And What I Will Do With My Account

2017-04-22 11:26:03 by Adventor

It's been about four months since I have done any activity on Newgrounds, but that is only because I sort of gave up on my animation. The art style I was going for was too advanced for a beginner like me, so I canned it on the frame fifty-eight. So what will be the future of my account? I haven't officially decided if I want to do animations again, but I will try one more time. And I will also show off art styles I come up with in my art folder.


                                                                                                                        Sincerely, Adventor

Up And Better Than Ever

2016-10-01 17:42:29 by Adventor

Hi! it's me! Adventor, the guy who posts news with a following of 5. Anyways I am probably not going to keep going with this animation since I made the animation too big of a task. But I will definiteley be posting artwork every month and possibly every week and I will possibly be doing a web-comic on the animation by uploading the most important frames as one panel. Back to the story, I am now using paint tool sai and I got a new Wacom Tablet Intuos PT S.

I hope to get my artwork on the art page and see you all later!

                                                                                                          XOXO Adventor

Animation Delayed And More

2016-09-12 19:41:58 by Adventor

Hi! It's me again! that one small newgrounder telling info to random people. So recently my animation has been delayed since my free trial for Flash CS6 has been cut off. But don't worry! the animation will be continued when my birthday comes soon! (September 17) the animation will be better than ever since I am getting a wacom tablet and flash will be renewed. Also I have released artwork of the animation since some of my friends been wanting to see my small animation that I am putting my homework hours on. Thats all for now! I will update the news when something happens. 

                                                                                                                         Sincerely, Adventor

Moving On

2016-08-23 20:05:56 by Adventor

I am now moving on from pixel art to vector art. Now that I am over with pixel art I will be working on a new animation called 'Normal' that might evolve into a series. I am will be uploading Artwork (Not Sketchs) to my profile. I won't give much detail about the animation since It will have a turn of twists and it is inspired by shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. This Animation will have a huge ton of easter eggs to alot of Newgrounds stars and some pop-culture references. I hope the few people reading this will take this note foward and I hope you all have a Grape-ful day.



2016-07-30 17:03:19 by Adventor

Hello I am Adventor (Obviously). And I have joined newgrounds to post the animations and games i have since websites like Youtube don't look upon animations much. I am currently developing a game called Reversing, and i have already hinted at what it looks like in my arts.

I so far don't have much to post since my game will take a while, but i am working on a few short comedy animations that relate to Old School Video Games.

I hope you enjoy my work. :D